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Dear Vistor,


Now I would like to take the time to give you the background about Ella Hair Salon and our future in the hair industry. If you would like to know more or something that is not detailed on this page then please visit the contacts page and we will gladly answer. 


Ella Hair Salon has been around for the past 18 years during this time we have generated a loyal clientele ranging from caucasian, asian, and afro caribbean. Our main objective is to please and satisfy clients and give a wide range of advice ranging from hair care, consultations, treatment advice, face shape suited hair styles, skin tone colour and styles, and more. Employing VTCT certified stylists, we have world class qualification and know how to make your hair look good supply your needs.


We ensure that we follow manufactures instructions on products to ensure that clients are given the best hair care treatment and also to ensure that products are used correctly. This will be in line with the Health & Saftey Legislation. Which is very passionate to our business.

We provide a range of hair styles from cutting, weaving, pressing, colouring, relaxing, just to name a few you can view the full listing here. Please visit our adults page to view some of the styles.


The manager from time to time travels to the USA and Europe to keep upto date on all the latest products, styles and to ensure staff are trained & competent in the understand of the latest trends in the hair sector coupled with dealing with clients hair from any background.


The manger is also training to become a assessor whereby she can train and teach people who are intrested in the hair sector. If you would like to know more about this opportunity please contact us


The manager & staff also attend all the major hair shows and events. We take pride in our work and will always do our best to make you feel special. If we can assist or answer any other questions please call any of these numbers below:

0207 501 9696

07931 154 220

Yours sincerely 


Update 26/06/2020




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